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2020 Graco 4 EVER DLX 4 in 1 Baby Car Seat Review for 2021

by Orum Amaka (Amy)

2020 Graco 4 EVER DLX 4 in 1 Baby Car Seat Review



As a New Parent investing on the best baby car seat should be one of the first things on your to do list. Being a new mom myself I remember telling myself ı wanted my baby boy to feel safe and enjoy his first ride to his home from the hospital. In some countries you wont be allowed to leave the hospital if you don’t have a baby car seat which is suitable for a new born. 

So why is baby car seat important? For me it’s as simple as not wanting to compromise the safety of your little one. If you’re like me I wanted something  that would suit my baby’s weight and size as he grew by the months. 

For a this reason and more 2020 GRACO 4 ever DLX 4 IN 1 Baby Car Seat makes my list for top 5 Baby Seats in the market. And I must tell you this car seat is pretty cool compared to the other Graco!!.

 Graco 4in 1 is every parent’s dream , Its the only car seat which you can use from the very first day your baby is born to age 10(how awesome is that). It’s a luxurious car seat with a gentle soft feel fabric. Its very easy to install and very comfortable for your little one. It’s features are super amazing and I’ll be happy to break it all down for you.

So lets start:

What is GRACO 4 Ever 4 in 1 DLX Convertible 

This is a high quality convertible baby car seat that transforms seamlessly to forward facing, height back belt positioning and backless belt positioning.


Graco is suitable enough of Minimum weight of 4pounds for the rear facing Harness, which I think is super cool. It’s very difficult to get baby car seat which takes the weight. Most newborns will pass for its useable. The maximum weight is 120 pounds so you get to really enjoy using this for a long time without worrying about changing it to fit your child’s size as they grow. Around the top edges its got a steel reinforced frame which gives it strength for good durability .  It transforms into three parts according to your child’s weight and has a 5-point adjustable harness.

That been said this is how the GRACO convertible car seat can be used


Its important o check the fitting of a child on the car seat especially with newborns. (Always use the contoured infant cushion insert for newborns and little ones also. There is also a pillow for added comfort- this should be used for rear facing)

  • The 4 in 1 car seat can be used for 10 years 
  • Designed with a steel reinforced frame
  • Baby car seat suıtable for 0month old –  4years old.
  • For rear facing harness car seat (4 – 40 pounds).

When facing rear the top of the child’s head should at least be 1inch the top of seat’s headrest. 

  • Baby car seat suitable for 1year old – 6years old. Forward facing harness car seat (22 – 65 pounds), height of child should be less than 49inches 
  • Baby car seat suitable 5yrs old – 8 years old. For high back belt positioning booster mode (40 – 100 pounds), height of child should be 38inches – 57inches. Big enough to hold themselves up in the seat.
  • Car seat suitable for 5years old – 9years old. Backless belt positioning booster (40 – 120 pounds). Height of child should be 40inches – 57inches 

Please Note:

The Age and weight above might vary in different children. This only serves as a guide for the usage of the Graco 4ever DLX 4 in 1 convertible. It shouldn’t be used as a standard measurement for babies and kids and this can vary with different kids.


This baby car seat for long journeys is a must have (A+). It has  10 head rest positions which is what I SO LOVE about this baby car seat. You can adjust the harness and headrest together with no retreading and With its T6 position recline your are sure your baby will have a comfortable ride on any long journeys you will have together.

The seat has been been crash tested in the US.

How to Install 2020 Graco 4 EVER DLX 4 in 1 Baby Car Seat.

The Graco 4ever is quite easy to install . The IN RIGHT LATCH ON system  can be quite difficult at first to install but you eventually get a hang of it just make sure to pull out all the slacks in the lower area before pulling the adjustments for the strap to tighten.( with straps the struggle is real guys loll). I have also heard from a few parents that the straps doesn’t work so seamlessly in all cars. But there is always the choice of using the seat belt if you cant get the Latch installation right. It also 

The belts are both coloured to indicate the position you which to use it for (blue – rear facing and orange forward facing and green for booster). I like that you can hear  the click sound to assure you your little one is corrected strapped in. but if all that still doesn’t put your mind at ease Graco has carefully designed this seat to protects your baby in frontal, side, rear and rollover crashes incase of any mishap – These are all very important safety features you should be looking out for when deciding what car seat to buy and what baby car seat is the safest.

For me this baby right here is a Pack and Play

Some extra safety and comfort features of 2020 Graco 4 EVER DLX 4 in 1 Baby Car Seat  

  • Plush head and body inserts keeps infant cozy and comfortable. 
  • Has 2 cup holders for keeping your child’s drink close.
  • Simply safe adjust harness system adjusts the height of your harness and headrest to 10 positions in one motion to ensure that your child is always properly secured.
  • Belt lock off for easy seat belt installation. 
  • RapidRemove – cover removes in 60sec without uninstalling the seat.
  • The Graco exclusive In right Latch attachment provides an easy, one second attachment with an audible click to help ensure secure installation.
  • Integrated belt lock off for easy vehicle seat belt installation.
  • EPS energy absorbing foam.  Meets and exceeds the child’s restraint criteria for frontal crash.


Height fully stretched out harness- 17.5inches

Lowest harness – 7inches

Shell height 24inches

Shell height stretched – 34 inches

Booster height – 18.25 inches

Height Rear facing 27.25 inches

Inner seat 13inches 

Seat width from to both ends of cup holder (19.5 inches)

Seat Depth – 12inches

Seat weight – 22.75pounds

Maintenance for 2020 Graco 4 EVER DLX 4 in 1 Baby Car Seat 

You might want to know “Can the baby car seat cover be washed”, or is it easy to clean.

Graco is designed for easy maintenance. You can wash the seat cover without removing the harness. The car seat cushion is machine washable. Using a cloth soaked in soapy water the buckle can be cleaned also. Wipes and a paper towel can be used to wipe down the plastic and metallic areas. 

  • Machine washable, rapid remove cover – removes in 60 seconds without uninstalling the seat for easy cleaning
  • Care: metal and plastic parts may be cleaned with mild soap and cool water


There are six colour choices 


  • Cup holder
  • Rapid-remove cover
  • seat belt lock offs
  • Multiple colours choice


  • Maybe Too bulky for newborns
  • Latch strap can be difficult to clip
  • Seat cover is air dry only
  • Price 


Graco 4ever  DLX 4 in 1 convertible car seat is truly one of the best baby car seats in the market today. It seats are designed to ensures your child’s upmost safety and comfort. So if you are looking for a high quality convertible car seat for your newborn, toddler or kid, or better yet you want one that your newborn can grow with till the are big enough to no longer need a safety car seat then this is definitely the one car seat to be picked.

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