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La Buena Vida 2022 review

La Buena Vida Latest Updates and Changes

by Orum Amaka (Amy)
La Buena Vida Project 2022

La Buena Vida Project 2022

So you are here because you probably heard of the the La buena vida project through one of the representative, or you attended a presentation or a live event.  

La Buena vida claims to be a business that gives lots of opportunities and 

What is La Buena Vida About?

A non governmental initiative that helps people live the good life in a fast changing economic landscape. It offers lifestyle, cash flow generation, exotic vacations, real estate and many more.

La Buena Vida are global partners in the health, construction, beauty, lifestyles sector.

They boost of being the first national cashflow, lifestyle and housing platform in Nigeria with Billion Dollar Global partners in these sectors.

Is LA BUENA VIDA business registered with CAC Nigeria.

LA BUENA VIDA ENTERPRISES was incorporated in SURULERE, Nigeria with Registration Number 2276290. It was registered on 09 Oct 2013.

La Buena Vida Vision

To raise 50,000 ,multi-millionaires in the connected economy.

To help partners live the good life

Benefits of La buena Vida project

La Buena Vida is an international cashflow service and lifestyle initiative that gives qualified individuals and members :

  • The opportunity to leverage on its cash compounding services to generate funds for business projects.
  • Your able to get amazing discounted and free lifestyle packages all around the world. (Luxury shops, spas, restaurants, boutiques e.t.c)
  • Secure your health and well-being health care plan by accessing its Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO) Services.
  • Own your dream home through our E-Block Channels.
  • Get discounted or free exquisite vacations to amazing International destinations to choice locations globally.
  • Free health and wellness products 
  • World class Auto Digital Tracking System on your business
  • The Free Entrepreneur Mentorship Program
  • Quick kick staring guide and training to give new members.

La Buena Vida Account price and Packages:

This is actually the registration packages.

They are flexible enough for you to pick from. There is something for everyone.

1 account – N79,990

3 Account – N129,990

7 Account – N259,990

15 accounts – N499,900

31 Account – N999,990

Multiple accounts gives you the opportunity to earn more on the same effort .

If you start with any account less than 15 you still have the opportunity of upgrading your account(s) as your earn.

La Buena Vida Product price:

For the mere fact that the company operates with sales in product it means they are not going down any time soon.

But the fact remains that you do not need to sell products to be successful in La Buena vida. This one really caught my attention.

So if I’m not selling products then how do I Earn. This now takes us to:

How can I start making money with La Buena Vida business :

There are about 7 ways to earn with La Vida Buena business (AIM Global). But in this article we will be focus on the 3 most popular ways of earning with La buena vida (AIM Global).

Direct Referral Bonus – 

Every person that you personally refer to join La Buena vida project you make a Direct Referral Bonus.

This varies according to your account type

From N20000 – N300,000.

Matching Bonus – 

This work by having one person on your left and another to your right.

When this is done you get a Matching/Pairing Bonus of N7,000. 

The Matching/Pairing Bonus  only works when people continue to join your team both on the left and right. 

This will always play out whether they are referred by you or by someone in your team. 

When using 1 account, you can earn up to a maximum of 

24Matches per day 

(i.e. 24 X N7,000) 

This boils down to a daily income of N168,000/day.

You are paid a max of 40times everyday.

Retailing – 

This is the one we are all familiar with. With La Buena Vida Business You can make 25%-50% Retail profit just by sharing the products to friends and family. However, retailing is highly OPTIONAL in the business . There are 5 other ways to earn without buying and selling

The top two are my favorites and this has been the catch of most of the new sign ups received.  

When you sign up to be a partner with any of the accounts you get paid an overnight income. So you start earning immediately. The amount earned varies with the number of accounts. They are as follows: 

1 Account (ENTRYVERSE)- N79,990

Refer and earn – N20,000 per person

Max Daily income – N280,000

Max Monthly – N8,400,000

Yes the possibilities of earning at a max income is slim. 

But if measured At a 20% success monthly – N1,680,000


3 Account (NEOVERSE) – N239,970


Refer and earn – N30,000 

Monthly 3 – 5 referrals comes with an extra N20,000

Daily INCOME – N840,000

Weekly N5,880,000

Monthly N23,520,000

 if measured At a 1% success rate, monthly earnings – N2,800,000

 if measured At a 1% success rate, monthly earnings – N6,500,000


7 Accounts (TECHNOVERSE)- N559,930


Refer and earn – N50,000

Monthly 3- 5 referrals comes with an extra N50,000 

Daily INCOME – N1960,000

Weekly – N13,720,00

Monthly – N54,880,000

YEARLY – N658,560,000


15 Accounts (DIGIVERSE)- N1,199,850


Monthly 3- 5 referrals comes with an extra N120,000

Refer and earn – N100,000

Daily INCOME – N4,200,000

Weekly – N29,400,00

Monthly – N117,600,000

YEARLY – N1,411,200,000

If measured At a 1% success rate, monthly earnings – N14,000,000


31 Accounts (MEGAVERSE) – N2,479,690


Monthly 3- 5 referrals comes with an extra N300,000

Refer and earn – N150,000

Daily INCOME – N8,600,000

Weekly – N60,760,00

Monthly – N260,400,000

YEARLY – N3,124,200,000

If measured At a 1% success rate, monthly earnings – N31,000,000


How do you pay for a sign up with La Buena Vida Project: 

If your looking to start up with La Buena Vida; signing up is as easy as finding a partner or visiting any of their office Nationwide and making your request know. 

You will be given a Global Alliance in Motion account number of either 


Access Bank. 

After payment You will be registered within 1 hour – 12 hours upon confirmation of your payment.

You will then be given your unique sign up code, and your sign up package depending on the price or number of accounts you purchased. You package can be delivered to you upon request or you can choose to pick it up at an of their office near you.

Payment are never made to anyone’s personal account. If you choose to do so, it will be at your own risk.

Can You Really Make Money With La Buena Vida business?

Yes you can!, you can make money with La Buena Vida. La BUENA Vida has the potential to make you a millionaire in about 1 year – 2years if you stay with it. But your success will be dependent on your dedication to the program. You should be willing to create time to work the business and recruit.

By now its clear that the La Buena Vida business features the MLM system that works by recruting. Working with the leaders and mentors will be a guiding path to help you achieve success. That’s why it’s important to pick the right team to sign you up so within the organization. They will be responsible training and mentoring you as you scale through the business.


How To Join La Buena Vida Project

Interested persons can visit their office at Bahamas plaza in Gudu, Abuja, Nigeria. You could also join through their partners and associates who will be responsible for mentoring and nurturing you throughout the program.

Before joining you have to make sure you know what you can get from the program, considering your present capabilities. You will be doing a lot of marketing and recruiting new members, without which it would be difficult to earn on La Buena vida.

Is La Buena Vida Legit or Scam?

This is one question a lot of us would like to know. From our break down at the top we saw that La Buena Vida is registered with CAC, it is also registered with all the necessary government agencies to ensure the business is recognized by the Nigerian government as a legal one. They are known to pay their taxes to the government which has never been defaulted. A few prominent government officials who are actively members La Buena Vida. If it where it wont be standing after over 10years.

The reason a few people have this impression is because of lack of proper knowledge of how the business works. They come in with the hope of getting money in a few weeks without putting in the work. If you take this as a Get Rich Quick scheme you’ll be very disappointed. This business only work when you treat it as a business with long term goals. 

The business has products and services attached to it. Money put in is toward acquiring a product. La Buena vida works with the MLM channel of distribution  which is through word of mouth and referrals. You get paid for this based on the compensation plan of La Buena vida (AIM Global Alliance). The business is not in any danger of crashing because they are product based which is what the company is designed and built for.

There are physical offices all over Nigeria, over 100 offices in Abuja. You can freely walk into any one around you if and when you wish to.

In Summary,

La Buena Vida is a Networking Marketing business (Multi Level Marketing) with huge income potentials. You can acquire great success and also fail at the business but it’s entirely up to you and no one else.

 Your down line or your leader can do that for you.  Make sure you are sign up under a good team so you can get all the training and guides you’ll need to succeed.

 If your looking for a low cost business idea with high profit potential this might be one to get started with. It’s one of the best business to start with little money as it is seen as one of the most successful small business ideas of 2022 compared to starting up a traditional which requires hundreds of thousands if not millions.

La Buena Vida platform can also serve as a Home business idea or a side hustle to earn you extra income (passive income). Many who have started this as a side job have been able to quit to take this full time. So if you love the idea of being Your own Boss, having the time and freedom to do what you like and work wherever and whenever. Better yet you can tap into the numerous International vacations and opportunities La Buena Vida has got to offer.

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